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The School of Geosciences at the University of Oklahoma is seeking motivated PhD and MS students in geosciences. The application deadline for the school of geosciences is January 1st, 2022, GRE is no longer required (

(1) A recent award from NSF will fund one PhD student in Geophysics and one MS student in Geology to better understand factors that influence earthquake rupture processes with collaboration from Dr. Rachel Abercrombie at Boston University. The candidates should have a B.S. or M.Sc degree in geophysics, geology, physics or other related fields. For Geophysics candidates, experiences in data analysis and programming are preferred. Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Xiaowei Chen (xiaowei.chen<at><xiaowei.chen<at>>, geophysics/seismology/earthquake physics) or Dr. Brett Carpenter (brett.carpenter<at><brett.carpenter<at>>, geology/fault mechanics).

(2) PhD or MS student in geophysics to use dense seismic arrays (Distributed Acoustic Sensing and nodal arrays) for a wide range of problems, including near surface geophysics, environmental seismology, earthquake source processes, etc. Interested students please contact Dr. Xiaowei Chen (xiaowei.chen<at><xiaowei.chen<at>>). Students with programming experience are preferred.

(3) PhD or MS student in geophysics working with a multidisciplinary research group to study soil deformation and landslide hazards by a variety of geophysical techniques (e.g., resistivity, induced polarization, ground penetrating radar) and geotechnical tools (e.g., triaxial instrument) at both laboratory and field scales. In addition to the School of Geosciences, the student will be collaborating with researchers from the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at OU. Students with a strong background in near surface geophysics are encouraged to apply. Please contact Dr. Sina Saneiyan (saneiyan<at><saneiyan<at>>).

(4) Opportunities for PhD/MS students are available for projects about characterizing natural and induced geohazards using space geodesy, and geomechanical modeling of earthquake rupture and rock deformation. Interested students please contact Dr. Junle Jiang (jiang<at><jiang<at>>).

(5) The School of Geosciences is proud to be part of AGU Bridge partner program aimed at promoting diversity in geosciences. URM (Under-Represented Minority) students who are US citizens or permanent residents are encouraged to visit AGU bridge website ( for application details (this program has a separate deadline). Eligible students can contact Dr. Xiaowei Chen (xiaowei.chen<at><xiaowei.chen<at>>, point of contact for AGU bridge program) for more information. Many faculty members in the department are committed to welcome Bridge fellows.

Xiaowei Chen (she/her/hers)
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Stubbeman-Drace Presidential Professor
School of Geosciences
University of Oklahoma
Email: xiaowei.chen<at><xiaowei.chen<at>>

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