Thread: Two fully funded PhD positions in Seismology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Started: 2021-12-06 18:42:39
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The Swiss Seismological Service (SED, www.seismo.ethz.ch at ETH Zurich invites applications for two PhD student position in seismology.

The first project in the domain of statistical seismology will exploit the use of the relative size distribution of earthquake (the b-value) for enhancing predictability. The student will analyze temporal and spatial changes in b-values throughout the seismic cycle, relate observations to seismotectonics and used them for improving aftershock and foreshock hazard assessment. The so-called Foreshock Traffic Light System (FTLS) has recently shown potential to exploit change in b-values observed for the real-time discrimination of foreshocks and aftershocks. In the context of the EC funded project RISE (www.rise-eu.org, ETH Zurich and the University of Bologna (Dr. Laura Gulia) are further developing and formally testing the FTLS hypothesis. The full call and more details of this project is found here:

The second project is in the emerging domain of laboratory seismology. The student will conduct laboratory research at the Rock Physics and Mechanics Laboratory ( and implement computational models to better understand the physical processes leading to critical point behavior in rock deformation experiments. Critical point behavior has been studied in the laboratory rock deformation experiments but remains solely observed using statistical approaches. This project will add new measurement tools in the form of distributed fiber optic strain sensing (DFS), which provides the richest, unabated vision of the slow progressive damage during the pre-failure phase in rock deformation tests to date. The full call and more details of this project is found here:

The students will be part of a small solution-oriented team and contribute to advancing the state of the art in research on earthquake physics and earthquake predictability. We offer world-class resources and opportunities to develop a scientific career in an ambitious and dynamic international team and flexible working conditions.

Requirements for each candidate are found in the accompanying links. Please also use these links to apply. The duration of both calls will be until January 31st 2022.

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