Thread: Two (2) funded PhD positions in Time-Lapse Passive Seismic Monitoring for CO2 Sequestration

Started: 2021-12-07 18:46:34
Last activity: 2021-12-07 18:46:34
Institution: University of Texas at Dallas
Open Until: 2022-03-01

We are accepting applications for two (2) funded PhD positions in Time-Lapse Passive Seismic Monitoring for CO2 Sequestration, in the 3D+4D Seismic Imaging & Inversion Research Group, at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Both PhD projects will focus on full-wavefield time-lapse imaging and inversion of passive seismic array data to monitor and characterize CO2 injection in CCS storage reservoirs (fluid saturation, pore pressure, stress...) in terms of CO2 plume evolution, storage capacity, containment, potential leakage, and seismicity. One PhD project will focus on Microseismicity, the other will focus on Ambient Seismic Noise.

Applicants must have an MS in Geophysics, Physics or a related discipline, with strong skills (or willingness to learn) in seismology, mathematics and computation. The average GRE scores for PhD students in our group are GREV>155, GREQ>165, GREW=4. Both positions will be funded by RA and/or TA appointments for 4-5 years.

Please contact Prof. David Lumley for further information.

Dr David E Lumley | david.lumley<at>
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Director, 3D+4D Seismic Imaging & Inversion Lab | School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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