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Dear all:

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the following session at the 2022 Seismological Society of America (SSA) annual meeting, which will be held in person at Bellevue, Washington on April 19–23 2022. The focus is on structure and seismogenesis of subducting slabs, and new findings about intermediate-depth and deep-focus earthquakes. Additional information can be found below.

Meeting abstract deadline: January 12 2022 5 pm PST.
Invited Speakers: Magali Billen (University of California Davis); Steven Shirey (Carnegie Institution for Science)
Abstract submission link:

Session title: Structure and seismogenesis of subducting slabs

Sinking slabs provide the major force that drives Earth’s interior dynamics and plate tectonics. They also carry volatiles such as water and CO2 into the deep mantle and impact the geochemical evolution of the Earth. Deep earthquakes (depth > 70 km) are absent in the mantle except in subducting slabs, mantle wedges, or regions of continental convergence. They can be further categorized as intermediate-depth earthquakes (70-350 km depth) and deep-focus earthquakes (350-700 km). Their causes and mechanisms remain a major scientific puzzle.

In this session, we invite contributions that characterize the structure and properties of subducting slabs, as well as new findings about deep earthquakes. We welcome observational, theoretical, and numerical modeling results, as well as those from laboratory and field studies. New ideas and/or unusual observations, supported by numerical modeling, on how to study slabs and deep earthquakes, are also welcome. Relevant techniques may include, but are not limited to, for example seismic imaging, waveform inversion, seismic anisotropy, moment tensors, precise location of deep earthquakes and their statistical behaviors. Broader scientific issues to be addressed may include constraints on deep seismogenesis, slab structure, and stress in subducting slabs, as well as interactions between these topics.


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