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Fede Martina
2022-01-04 11:58:11
Dear all,

A Postdoctoral research position is available at the Geodynamic Studies
Group, CICTERRA-Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina to study the
“Mantle conditions and lithospheric thickness during the Neogene in
Patagonia, and its influence on the plateau uplift”. Appointment is for 3
years, starting in October 2022 and the deadline for application is the 4th
of March 2022.

The Patagonian plateau has been uplifted over the last 15 million years, as
evidenced by elevated and terraced marine levels and the development of sea
cliffs along the Patagonian coast. This uplift has traditionally been
associated with sub-cortical forces, as Andean cortical tectonic effects
would not have affected the foreland extra-Andean regions. This region, in
addition, developed a protracted intraplate OIB-like mafic magmatism. This
project proposes to analyze how the variation of lithospheric thickness
could have influenced the Neogene uplift and the formation of the
Patagonian plateau. For this, we proposed to compute thermobarometric
calculations on basalts in the southern region of Chubut province (between
43° 5’ and 45° 5’ SL) from whole rock geochemical composition. With this
information, we expect to calculate isostatic and dynamic topography.

Required qualification: Ph.D. degree or expectations of having one before
August 01, 2022 in Geology, Geophysics, Physics or Chemistry.

Contact: Dr. Federico Martina (fmartina<at> ) and Dr. Federico
Davila (fmdavila<at>



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