Thread: Session SM2.2 Direct observation of seismic wavefield gradients – a new approach to seismic experiments

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Dear colleagues,

we wish you a happy new year and

we would like to draw your attention on our session SM2.2 "*Direct observation of seismic wavefield gradients – a new approach to
seismic experiments*" (abstract below) at EGU 2022, which will be held April 3rd to 8th 2022 in Vienna, Austria and online.

The deadline for abstract submission is,*January 12th at 13:00 CET*.

You can submit your abstract to our session here The session will be organized as a fully hybrid PICO format, allowing both online and in-person contributions.

It is our pleasure to announce an invited contribution by Eva P.S. Eibl on her work on measuring rotational ground motions at Mt. Etna Volcano, Italy.
We hope to see many of you in our session, be it online or in-person in Vienna.

The conveners (Felix, Stefanie, Celine and Conor)

Session description:
New developments in seismic instrumentation enable highly precise direct
point observations of seismic ground motion and its spatial gradients
not only in permanent but also in temporary seismic experiments.
Considerable improvements in optical and atom interferometry enable new
concepts for inertial rotation, translational displacement and
acceleration sensing.

Applications of the resulting new type of data range from seismic source
and wavefield characterization with single point observations in harsh
environments to the correction of tilt effects, e.g. for high
performance seismic isolation facilities.

We invite contributions on novel measurement techniques and experiment
design, on theoretical advances to the seismic wavefield gradient
analysis, as well as on all aspects of applications of ground motion
gradient observations in seismology, geodesy, planetary exploration,
gravitational wave detection and fundamental physics.

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