Thread: Geophysicist for Waveform Correlation and Signal Analysis

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Sandia Recruiting
2022-02-04 20:54:10
Institution: Sandia National Laboratories
Open Until: 2022-03-03

What Your Job Will Be Like

We are seeking a dedicated geophysicist to lead and conduct research aimed at improving this nation’s capabilities for monitoring underground nuclear explosions anywhere in the world. Join us to develop creative solutions to unique national security challenges!
The successful applicant will join a high-impact, cross-disciplinary group that values collaboration. Research projects will initially focus on improving waveform correlation techniques with the possibility to expand throughout the seismic processing pipeline, including signal detection, signal association, event location, and event identification. Over time, there will be opportunities to develop and lead technical projects resulting in peer-reviewed publications, patents, conference presentations, and reports.

On any given day, you may be called on to:

• Independently conduct foundational research to improve monitoring capabilities
• Support your team members by sharing results and providing/receiving feedback on work
• Write code to perform research, including data analysis codes to interpret and graph results
• Modify existing code bases to test a new hypothesis
• Attend a mini-course to learn new technical skills
• Participate in journal article discussion groups and seminar series
• Run codes on both CPU and GPU clusters
• Draft publications, reports, and presentations
• Perform work according to Sandia values, which include serving national needs, delivering with excellence, respect for others, teaming, and scientific integrity

Qualifications We Require

• PhD in geophysics, seismology, or closely related field, with an emphasis on data analysis or eqivalent (MS+4 years' or BS +8 years)
• Ability to obtain and maintain a DOE Q clearance

Qualifications We Desire

• Research experience using waveform correlations techniques
• Research experience in one or more of the following technical fields: general geophysical signal processing; machine learning; inversion methods; algorithm tuning & optimization; uncertainty quantification
• Proficiency with at least one common computer programming language (Java, C++, Python, MATLAB)
• Strong organizational skills and ability to meet scheduled work completion dates
• Proven experience writing peer-reviewed papers or reports and giving technical presentations

About Our Team

We perform geophysical monitoring research and development in support of Sandia's mission as a national security laboratory. The team's geophysics expertise addresses challenges surrounding ground-based nuclear detonation detection through next-generation algorithms exploiting multi-phenomenological data, advanced sensor technologies, and demonstration experiments. We have a wide range of expertise in field seismology, subsurface characterization, seismo-acoustic and infrasound modeling; evaluation of seismic and infrasound sensors and systems; and the processing, analysis, and interpretation of all types of geophysical data. Technical work spans the spectrum from theoretical to applied and includes strong modeling, lab and field data collection, and analysis capabilities. The department serves as Sandia's resource for ground-based monitoring expertise, partnering with departments across the labs to integrate multiple types of data-including optical, seismic, electromagnetic, infrasound, atmospheric, radionuclide-to address broad national security needs.
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