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Started: 2022-02-10 10:28:14
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2022-02-10 10:28:14
The Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Research Coordination Network (RCN)
is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through award
EAR-1948737. As part of this award, the Incorporated Research Institutions
for Seismology (IRIS) will be facilitating one or more short courses,
tours, or other events to provide hands-on experience with DAS fiber and
interrogators. Due to pandemic related travel restrictions, the
organization of this activity was postponed. The DAS community has
burgeoned over the past two years aided by virtual events as well as new
research, new experiments, new facilities, and new proposals. We would like
to channel the advances that have been made in the DAS community into the
planning of one or more field experiences to be held in the Fall
2022-Spring 2023 timeframe. Travel support will be made available to
participants and a field experience would occur over a few days. Here we
welcome your contributions in location/site proposals, potential
instrumentation resources, and/or expertise.

The main goal of this type of field experience is to provide an opportunity
for new-to-DAS users to participate in installing fiber, connecting an
interrogator, using a splice kit, and other activities related to the
deployment of DAS. There are additional goals that we would like to achieve
through this experience such as collecting an interesting open-access data
set, collecting co-located observations with multiple fibers/multiple
interrogators, and installing alongside complementary instrumentation like
seismic nodes.

If you are interested in participating and would like to identify one or
more contributions to the field short course effort, please fill out the
following form:

Answers are encouraged to be brief and do not need to be polished. We would
like to encourage vendor participation in the field course, but need to do
so with transparency and will have a separate discussion with vendors as a
group. All responses will be reviewed by the DAS RCN steering committee and
co-PIs; a field course planning team will approach contacts and decide what
contributions can be leveraged best in order to serve the DAS community.

Responses would be most useful to receive by February 24, 2022 in order to
be worked into plans for Fall 2022 at the earliest. If you have any
questions or concerns, please get in touch with Kasey Aderhold at


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