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Keith L. Knudsen
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Institution: U.S. Geological Survey
Open Until: 2022-03-14

Work with USGS!
Applications are being accepted for a full-time GS-15, Supervisory Interdisciplinary Geophysicist or Geologist to serve as Director, USGS Earthquake Science Center (ESC), Moffett Field, CA. Possible duty stations include Moffett Field, CA, Pasadena, CA, or Seattle, WA.

The ESC Director is responsible for:
• Defining the overall science program of the Earthquake Science Center;
• Managing the research, monitoring, personnel, and financial aspects of ESC to fulfill the mission of the USGS;
• Overseeing the planning, conduct, and completion of all ESC activities, including broad areas of geologic research related to assessment and monitoring of geologic hazards nationally;
• Overseeing a vibrant group of staff to: collect a wide range of data on earthquakes, faults, and crustal deformation; conduct research to increase our understanding of earthquake source processes, occurrence, and effects; and synthesizing this knowledge into probabilistic seismic hazard assessments, aftershock forecasts, and ground-shaking scenarios for anticipated major earthquakes.
This Center leads the National Strong Motion Project and the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system, houses renowned rock mechanics laboratories and deep borehole geophysics facilities, conducts extensive geophysical, geologic, and paleoseismic investigations along active faults, and conducts scientific investigations following significant earthquakes, both in the U.S. and internationally.

With partners, ESC operates the California Integrated Seismic Network and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, as well as seismic networks at sites of induced seismicity, and operates geodetic networks through the western U.S.

Learn more: The position is posted on, open to all U.S. Citizens.
Applications will be accepted through March 14, 2022.


Please read all of the application instructions thoroughly. All applicants must submit transcripts and other required documentation with their application prior to the vacancy closing in order to be considered.

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· Since this is a professional series position, there is an education requirement. Applicants should submit copies of all unofficial transcripts.
· If a current or former federal employee is applying for the position, they MUST submit a copy of their last performance appraisal (which can be found in their eOPF). If they do not have a performance appraisal, they MUST provide a statement explaining why.
· If a current or former federal employee is applying for the position, they MUST submit a copy of their SF-50 (which can be found in their eOPF) to confirm their eligibility to apply.
· Resumes should include a month and year, along with their relevant work experience for each period of employment. Resumes or CVs should contain enough details regarding their work experience to evaluate whether applicants have the specialized experience.
· Please submit ALL required documentation prior to the close of the announcement.
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