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Started: 2022-03-10 08:17:35
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Nina Pleterski Puharič
2022-03-10 08:17:35

* Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering or Master from Engineering School with speciality on seismic and / or structural engineering,
* 2 or more years of industry / research experience in CAT modelling / seismic risk modelling, earthquake loss estimation,
* knowledge of the seismic regulation codes for conventional buildings, civil and critical infrastructure,
* interest in earthquake resilience by improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes at the social and economic levels,
* A working experience with insurance companies,
* strong analytic skills and proficiency in scientific programming languages, specifically Python,
* highly motivated and self-directed with demonstrated experience in advancing complex projects and working with interdisciplinary teams of scientists,
* strong verbal English communication skills.


* collecting and interpreting surface geological, geophysical, and geotechnical data for site condition characterisation and implementation of such datasets into the workflow,
* advancement of ground motion forecasting based on new forecasting methodologies,
* designing and implementing robust applications,
* collecting datasets important for local / regional risk estimation.


* moving to Slovenia.


* stable payment,
* opportunity for professional growth,
* interesting, intellectual and dynamic work.

More about Quantectum:

Please apply at job<at><job<at>> until March, 31, 2022.

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