Thread: PostDoc for Seismic Detection of Gravitational Mass Movements

Started: 2022-05-02 18:59:57
Last activity: 2022-05-02 18:59:57
Institution: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Open Until: 2022-05-15

In the framework of the WSL research program “Data Science and Mass Movement Seismology: Towards the Next Generation of Debris Flow Warning” we are searching for a PostDoc to develop and test machine learning algorithms to identify seismic signatures of debris flows, rock falls, avalanches and other hazardous mass movements in long-term seismic catalogues. Special focus is on rapid data processing for warning purposes.

The successful candidate should have a PhD in a subject related to artificial intelligence as well as an interest in environmental and geomorphological topics and be willing to participate in fieldwork in Alpine terrain. A solid background and proven track record in machine learning are assumed. Experience in event classification using Random Forest, Convolutional Neural Networks or equivalent supervised frameworks is critical. Moreover, strong knowledge in high-level programming language like python or matlab including machine learning packages is required. Expertise in unsupervised learning like anomaly detection and transfer learning is beneficial.

For the full description of this position as well as applications instructions, please follow this link:
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