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Lukas Blom
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The Wilson Alaska Technical Center ( is searching
for a Seismo-Acoustic Engineer to join our engineering team in maintaining
and improving seismic and infrasound stations around the globe - from
Antarctica to the remote Pacific Islands. This position will help maintain
stations through fieldwork and remote monitoring and troubleshooting to
ensure high data availability and quality. Do you have a unique background
of technical skills, problem-solving skills, are organized, and enjoy
teamwork? If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to become a
valued member of the WATC engineering and research team! ***US CITIZENSHIP
This job posting closes June 8, 2022.


Project Management: Advise local hires to support field work at remote
sites. Conduct deployments (Antarctica, Alaska, Pacific islands) of UAF and
contract personnel. Encourage and advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
at WATC and UAF. Write and provide justification for purchase orders.
Ensure quality control in engineering projects. Provide management and
staff assistance with decision making, goal setting, and fiscal
projections. Document work progress via WATC task management software.
Document and report on project progress. Develop and maintain inventory
management systems.
Geophysical Detection of Nuclear Proliferation University Affiliated
Research Center (GDNP UARC) Research and Operational Support: Provide
engineering support to WATC led GDNP UARC projects. Responsible for meeting
documentation and reporting requirements. Build working relationships with
GDNP UARC partners, subcontractors, and end customers.
Scientific Instrument Construction, Maintenance, Operation and Calibration
may include: Maintain familiarity with basic physical principles and
advanced knowledge of engineering and electronic principles. Assess,
determine prioritization, and implement required repairs in remote
locations. Assist in managing data collection missions and/or field sites
worldwide. Clearly document all technical work. Assist on various testing
and evaluations (T&E) with WATC engineering staff and external
collaborators, with the goal of building a pipeline of components from T&E
to operational adoption. Apply continual technical scrutiny in the field
and lab environment to improve systems involved in data generation,
transmission, and storage.
Wilson Alaska Technical Center (WATC) Seismo-Acoustic Station Operations
and Maintenance (O&M) may include: Perform scheduled and preventative
maintenance on WATC seismo-acoustic stations. Perform unscheduled
maintenance of WATC seismo-acoustic stations as needed. Responsible for
meeting Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) reporting
requirements for International Monitoring System (IMS) station operation.
Interact directly with Sandia National Labs and UAF subcontractors on
Nuclear Arms Control Technology (NACT) engineering tasks on the behalf of
WATC. Act as a responsible designated regular user of CTBTO IDC data
(including data security) by the US Department of Defense/State (DoD/DoS).
Travel to field sites (Antarctica, Pacific Islands, Alaska, lower 48, etc.)
to perform station maintenance and upgrades, including assisting with
pre-deployment equipment preparation and post-deployment cleanup efforts.
Possible deployments involve coordination with military personnel and
remote locations for periods of up to six weeks. Continually evaluate power
systems, communications architecture, and station infrastructure for
potential failure points, and work to design and apply technical solutions.
Assist engineering team in executing predictive network maintenance,
sustainment, and recapitalization plans.
Please apply at:
Contact Luke Blom with any questions: ljblom<at>

Luke Blom
Wilson Alaska Technical Center (WATC)
Geophysical Institute - UAF
office: (907)474-5927
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