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Started: 2012-07-03 22:36:32
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Stephane Drouet
2012-07-03 22:36:32
Dear all,

I am having trouble making the cut function working as I would like. I
have two sac files with different begin times. I need to extract a
common time window for both.
Looking at the help I found the functions synchronize and cutim which
apparently could do the job. Consequently, I did the following:
read the data
synchronize (with the default option, the 0 on the time axis is common
to both files, which is fine)
then I tried to cut with respect to that time zero (cutim Z time1 time2)
As a final result, only the first file is modified by the cut but I
have the feeling that the cut was done with respect to the begin time
instead of the 0, which is not what I expected. The second file is
To summarize, the commands I wrote are exactly those:
read file1 file2
cut Z time1 time2
Could anybody tell me where I am wrong?
Thank you in advance.
Stéphane Drouet

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