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2022-06-14 14:03:29

Dear all,

We are happy to announce the beta release of Yasmine (Yet Another Station Metadata INformation Editor) v4.1.0-beta. Yasmine is a set of two independent Python-based applications:
- a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed to facilitate the creation and editing of geophysical station metadata in FDSN StationXML format - a Command Line Interface (CLI) designed to facilitate the batch editing of existing StationXML files

These can be found at the following locations:


The work is the product of joint development between the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) and the French Seismological and Geodetic Network (Résif-Epos). Going forward, the maintenance and addition of new features will likewise be shared between organizations.

Yasmine Editor can be launched in a Python virtual environment or as a Docker container. The persistent engine maintains your created instrument details in a User Library for future access and allows you to store example stations as templates for creating new stations.  The web frontend is a modern, reactive interface that provides responsive metadata browsing, validated editing, and helpful wizard driven tools. In addition, the tool gives access to both the Nominal Response Library (NRL) and the Atomic Response Objects Library (AROL), for standard instrumentation response descriptions for constructing sound representations of your deployed instruments.

Yasmine-CLI can be launched in a Python environment. It can read, split and edit existing StationXML and output newly created files. Numerous options and templates can be used to facilitate the quick creation of StationXML files.

IRIS and Résif-Epos are interested in hearing about your experiences and issues using these tools. We intend the beta release trial to help identify areas needing enhancement so that we can ensure they operate with the utmost reliability. Also, while there is documentation provided, it is still in draft to be more user-friendly.  

If you would like to send feedback by email, please write to feedback<at> Otherwise, the GitHub repository has an Issues tab where we welcome your comments and questions.



Autumn Johnson

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