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Started: 2012-07-05 03:57:10
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Michael Bramnik
2012-07-05 03:57:10

My name is Michael Bramnik, a graduate student at Northern Illinois
University working to wrap up his Master's Thesis in the next few weeks.
I've been using SAC to great effect to analyze my data, but I'm running
into a problem neither myself nor my advisor (nor the SAC user manual) seem
to be able to figure out:

When I "readalpha" data into SAC, I usually import it from a single-column
.txt file (4000 lines). I then "write" to .sac format, and then filter and
plot particle motion, etc.

My problem comes in when I "write alpha" to try and get the numerical data
back "out" so I can import it into programs like Microsoft Excel (for the
creation of graphs and diagrams for my thesis defense) - aside from the SAC
header, the data comes out in five columns with 16,000 lines each.
Plotting each column in Excel yields similar-looking plots, but I cannot
tell for certain which one is the "real" one for-use.

After struggling with this for over a day, my advisor suggested I contact
IRIS for assistance. Thank you very much in advance for any help that you
might be able to provide, and my apologies for bothering you with what
might be a trivial issue.

Thanks again and I hope you had a good 4th of July holiday!


Michael Bramnik
Northern Illinois University

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