Thread: NOTICE: temporary halt to SAC distributions, licensing changes

Started: 2022-06-28 09:16:27
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2022-06-28 09:16:27

Hi Fellow SAC users.

Since 2006, IRIS has been granted a perpetual license by Lawrence Livermore National Labs to distribute new and updated ('derivative') versions of SAC to the IRIS community. There has been a push by both IRIS and LLNL to open up the licensing for SAC so it is freely available for all. As of June 24th, LLNL has terminated the IRIS license to distribute the original "SAC 2000" version of the software and all of the terms attached to it. According to the language, IRIS will be able to continue to distribute its derivative versions, but we are working out issues of licensing and any other conditions that need to be met to get the software distributions flowing again.

We ask for your patience as we place a halt on currently pending distributions while we work out the technical details.

Thank you,

-Rob Casey
IRIS Data Services

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