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Dear Sir/Madam,

My master student has encountered the problem when we use the SAC. Can you help me to solve it? Since it is hard for Chinese to linux command to interact with SAC, we try to use the web style to interact with SAC.

When we process the "PlotPK" command, because there exists the cursor interaction, we don't know to handle these type interaction with the font webpage for remote users.

Can give us some suggestions to solve problem? Or may you tell us which sub software package is related with "PlotPK" ?

Please help us asap


Jinshuo Liu

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Attached is the binary compressed tar file of the SAC v101.5c software for
Linux (32 bit): sac-101.5c-linux_x86_32.tar.gz. The first step is to expand
that file. If your version of tar has the "z" option, you can do this in
one step:

tar -xzf sac-101.5c-linux_x86_32.tar.gz

Otherwise you must first unzip and then untar the file.
One way to do this is

gzip -d -c sac-101.5c-linux_x86_32.tar.gz | tar -xf -

The result of this operation is the creation of a subdirectory ./sac .

If you have a problem getting to this point, reply to this e-mail message with a detailed description of your problem.

File ./sac/License, contains the terms you agreed to honor when you requested SAC software. In particular you agreed NOT TO DISTRIBUTE the SAC Software.

Instructions for setting environmental variables for your system are given in file ./sac/README. The information in that file should be all you should need to get the package running on your system.

If you need help ...

1. If you have SAC working, use the help command from within SAC. You can
print hard-copies of the help files using printhelp. HTML versions of the
help files can be found at URL
2. Some features of SAC are described in the CHANGES file in this directory,
and changes in new versions are summarized in HISTORY.
3. URL has links to other resources and
information about updates.
4. A place to share problems and find solutions is the sac-help mailing
list: <sac-help<at>>. You must be a subscriber
to post to this listserv. For further information, go to
You do not have to be a subscriber to access the list archives.

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