Thread: Hi-net continuous waveform data header and PZ Response files

Started: 2022-07-26 02:07:24
Last activity: 2022-07-26 13:43:15
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2022-07-26 02:07:24
I have downloaded continuous waveform data of two Hi-net stations using HinetPy. But the problem is after converting the data from win32 to sac ,when I open the header of any sac file in SAC, there is no network name in it and this in turn is creating problem in station pair making in MSNoise. Furthermore, as I am a newbie in this field, I am also struggling with the response files of the stations. I have PZ response files but I want the response files to be in Station XML. I am unable to understand how to convert these PZ files to Station XML. I am hoping to get some help from here.
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