Thread: PIQQA version 1.0.1 release

Started: 2022-08-01 10:53:02
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2022-08-01 10:53:02
IRIS has released PIQQA version 1.0.1 with the following updates:

* Removed dependence on python-kaleido in piqqa-conda-install.txt
* Bug fix for 3-character channel codes ending in wildcard
* Bug fix for station codes being split into characters
* Change in station symbols on map, for improved visibility
* Minor bug fixes and code cleanup

PIQQA (the PI's Quick Quality Assessment) is a command line utility that utilizes IRIS MUSTANG metrics and services to generate a report of the overall quality of a network, designed with temporary experiments in mind. It is available at [ | ] .

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IRIS Quality Assurance

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