Thread: XML file for station ST of network SG issue

Started: 2022-08-04 11:35:08
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William Eaton
2022-08-04 11:35:08
Hi there,

I am trying to process some data for the Strasbourg (ST) superconducting gravimeter for March 11 2011. When requesting the data through BREQFast the provided XML data file has an issue.

The stage 2 instrument response for channel LGZ lists an instrument sensitivity but no value for the sensitivity, or a frequency for that sensitivity.

I am therefore wondering if this data is available but wasn’t included, or whether this data is not available and the XML file can not be used for removing the instrument response as there is no knowledge of the sensitivity value:

<Channel code="LGZ" locationCode="" startDate="2010-04-26T08:03:45.0000" restrictedStatus="open">
<Description>DIGITAL COUNTS</Description>
<Description>GWR C026 Superconducting gravimeter</Description>
<Description>Acceleration in meters</Description>
<Description>DIGITAL COUNTS</Description>
Any advice would be great!

Will Eaton

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