Thread: Identity Management at IRIS - LUCID v2 release 2022-08-29

Started: 2022-08-25 15:14:15
Last activity: 2022-08-25 15:14:15
On Monday 2022-08-29 IRIS Data Services will launch the second stage (v2) of its new identity management system (code-named LUCID), which will affect the way users log into the website.
IRIS is planning to join UNAVCO ( as a combined organization. As part of this process, a new Identity Management (IdM) system has been introduced. LUCID v2 adds this as a recommended login option. The existing login options (using Google or email/password) will still remain available for a limited time.

Registering at UNAVCO-IRIS

From the IRIS login page at
click on the UNAVCO-IRIS “Login / Register” button. You will be redirected to a different site for any necessary registration. You can register with a password or via your institutional login (using the CILogon option). If you register with the same email address as an existing IRIS account, your existing account features (such as mailing list subscriptions) will be retained in the new account.

Multiple email addresses

If you currently have multiple email addresses associated with a single IRIS account, choose a “primary” email address for registration. Multiple email addresses will continue to be supported, but some of the details may shift so having a clear primary address will help ensure continuity during this transition.

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