Thread: Registration Now Open: Envisioning the Future of Geophysics (Caltech, Nov. 10-11, 2023)

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*Envisioning the Future of Geophysics*

*/A Celebration of the Centennial of the Seismological Laboratory/*

*November 10-11, 2022, Pasadena, California*

Registration Now Open

This symposium aims to provide a glimpse into the future of geophysics
by bringing together traditionally disparate research communities. It
will explore new concepts and technologies that are poised to transform
how geophysics informs our understanding of Earth processes. The
symposium will be held in person on the campus of the California
Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.

The timing of the meeting coincides with the centennial of the founding
of the Seismological Laboratory, initially a unit of the Carnegie
Institution and later becoming integrated with Caltech. Now, one hundred
years on, researchers will consider the nature of earthquakes and how
new technologies better inform natural hazards, the nature of processes
within the crust and lithosphere, new ways to image the Earth, and the
structure, dynamics, and evolution of Planet Earth.


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