Thread: DAS RCN Webinar Recording Posted - Engineering and Urban Seismology

Started: 2022-11-04 10:49:17
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2022-11-04 10:49:17
The DAS RCN webinar "Engineering and Urban Seismology" was held on November
3, 2022 and a recording is now available at:
At this webinar we heard from:

• Siyuan Yuan and Jingxiao Liu, Stanford - "DAS Monitoring of Bridges and
Urban Traffic"

• Joseph Vantassel, Virginia Tech - “Importance of Wavelength When Using
DAS for Near-Surface Geophysics and Engineering Site Characterization”

Thank you again to our presenters as well as our moderators Dante Fratta,
Biondo Bondi, and Herb Wang.

If you are interested in future DAS RCN events, please go to the website: and join the DAS mailing list
by going to:

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