Thread: DAS RCN Community Forum - Global DAS Month and PubDAS - December 2, 2022 - 11am-12pm ET

Started: 2022-11-09 19:16:18
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Hello DAS Mailing List, Steering Committee Members, and Working Group leads,

The next DAS RCN Community Forum - Global DAS Month and PubDAS will be held
Friday December 2nd from 11am – 12pm Eastern Time. Please register at the
following link and please use the email address associated with your Zoom
account: Note
that U.S. government accounts may encounter difficulty due to the lack of
integration between standard Zoom and Zoom Gov; we advise using a different
email associated with a standard Zoom account to register.

At this community forum we will hear from Andreas Wuestefeld (NORSAR) about
Global DAS Month and Ƶack Spica (University of Michigan) about PubDAS.
There will also be an opportunity for community announcements,
Q&A/discussion, and additional short presentations. Please get in touch if
you would like to present. This meeting will be held in Zoom Meeting mode;
it will be recorded and made available for viewing if you cannot attend.

Previous steering committee meeting reports and recordings from community
forums are available on the RCN website: Please reach out to
das-rcn<at> if you have any questions about this meeting or other RCN

Herb, Bob, Scott, and Kasey

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