Thread: Patch for a bug in handling of the KEVNM header field variable

Started: 2012-12-06 02:52:03
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  • I did your test and reproduced the error. I then included your pathces,
    and not only did it fix the errors you found but also errors I had fround
    when I used a Fortran call like

    call setkhv('kevnm', 'co 400 blt zp', nerr)

    followed with a wsac3, and looked at the KEVNM using lh within SAC.


    We will include these patches in the next release of SAC.

    On Wed, 5 Dec 2012, A. Kasahara wrote:

    Dear all,

    I wrote a patch to fix a bug related to handling of the KEVNM header field
    The last character of KEVNM header field value is deleted by following
    successive operations:
    sac> write sac tmp.sac
    sac> read tmp.sac
    sac> write alpha tmp.sac_ascii
    sac> read alpha tmp.sac_ascii

    My environment is
    $ sac
    SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [12/04/2012 (Version 101.5c)]
    Copyright 1995 Regents of the University of California

    You can test the bug by executing an attached script,
    $ chmod u+x test_kevnm.bash
    $ ./test_kevnm.bash SOME_SAC_FILE_TO_BE_USED_BY_TEST

    To apply the patch:$ patch --strip=0 < kevnm.diff


    Amato Kasahara,
    Master's Program in Geoscience,
    Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences,
    University of Tsukuba

03:29:01 v.ad6b513c