Thread: Advancing Science with Global Seismological and Geophysical Networks

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*Dear Colleagues,*


We invite you to contribute an abstract to the session *“Advancing
Science with Global Seismological and Geophysical Networks"* at the SSA
2023 Annual Meeting, taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April
17-20. Abstract submission closes on January 11 at 17:00 PT.


(This session will precede a complementary session at the EGU General
Assembly 2023, being held in Vienna, Austria on April 23-28.)

It will be a forum to highlight impactful science being done with
globally distributed real-time networks, to understand how technological
developments can optimize existing resources, to share ideas for
expanding networks like the Global Seismographic Network, GeoScope, and
others, to include other geophysical and environmental observations, to
recognize how increased partnerships and collaboration can further grow
high-quality station coverage around the world, and to reflect on the
common challenges to operating and sustaining these scientific
resources. Together we will renew and enhance international dialog and
cooperation on maintaining and growing the highest-quality observations
of the Earth’s system via long-term seismological networks!

For a full session description:


We hope to see you in San Juan!

Andy Frassetto, Colleen Dalton, David Wilson, Frederik Tilmann, Martin
Vallée, and Bob Busby

To submit an abstract:


Andy Frassetto, PhD, Seismologist
Program Manager (Instrumentation Services)
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

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