Thread: SAC source migration at IRIS

Started: 2013-04-10 19:02:04
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Brian Savage
2013-04-10 19:02:04

The SAC source code has been transferred to Seiscode at IRIS ( )

The source code is now under SVN and the Seiscode site offers features including:
- Version Control System
- Issue/Bug Tracking
- Wiki

The project is divided into a public and private set of sites.
The public site contains a Wiki and an Issue/Bug Tracking System.
The private site contains the SAC source code and the version control system

If you would like access to the public portion of the site, please contact me and make an account at the Seiscode site. Access to the public site should allow a user to submit Issues/Bugs and edit the Wiki. We are hoping the Wiki will be a place for users to document how to install, use, and be productive with SAC. This will supplement the help and users manual distributed with SAC.

Access to the private portion of the site is controlled by IRIS due to LLNL licensing restrictions. The source code in this project *cannot be distributed or otherwise publicly available*. Trusted developers will be given access to the private site upon request.


Brian Savage

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