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2023-01-09 10:40:12
Institution: Ifremer (French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea)
Open Until: 2023-02-01

Ifremer is offering a full-time position in the UMR 6538 Geo-Ocean Laboratory, a new Joint Research Unit, with three main supervisory bodies: CNRS (with a main attachment to INSU), the University of Brest (UBO) and Ifremer, and with a secondary supervisory body: the University of Southern Brittany (UBS).

Our Geo-Ocean Laboratory, with its expertise in marine geoscience, including seismology, oceanography and the development of marine technology, is committed to the development of fiber optic sensing in marine environments. In this context, Geo-Ocean seeks to recruit a researcher to work in this emerging field within the ALMA (ALéas MArins, i.e. Marine Geohazards) team with a focus on developing new applications for solid earth sciences and natural hazards. The work site will be Ifremer Centre de Bretagne (29280 Plouzané, France), and there is the possibility of embarkments for scientific field work.

The ALMA team is involved in a number of projects and initiatives in this field, with a strong commitment to equip itself with dedicated fiber optic instruments (e.g. DAS Interrogator). Current projects include: the use of a submarine cable to detect tectonic deformation of a fault offshore Catania (East of Sicily); the installation of a cabled observatory and the monitoring of the seismicity of a submarine volcano off Mayotte Island (Indian Ocean). Partnerships with industry include the development of industrial applications for fiber sensing, for example the use of DAS to monitor carbon sequestration. ALMA members also lead the MARMOR consortium, an initiative of the French maritime community to acquire and deploy instruments for the observation of solid Earth parameters, including interrogators for use on fiber optic cables for applications in solid Earth-Ocean interactions.

Required knowledge, skills, and characteristics:

-PhD in marine geophysics, particularly seismology or a related field
-Experience in data analysis, particularly of large data sets
-Research experience demonstrating an ability to publish research
-Strong experience in signal processing
-Advanced knowledge of programming/scripting languages
-Preferentially, knowledge of / expertise in distributed fiber sensing techniques
-Dynamic, highly motivated
-Team player, interested in teamwork, especially multidisciplinary
-Desire to develop new technologies and techniques for geosciences in marine environments
-Ability to participate in field and marine campaigns

The job offer is currently open until February 1, 2023. For more details of the job offer and how to apply, see the following link:
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