Thread: New Session Added to SSA 2023: Turkey Earthquake Sequence

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2023-02-14 22:37:49
New Session on Turkey Earthquake Sequence Added to SSA 2023 Annual Meeting ( 17-20 April 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Deadline for submissions 22 March 2023 at 5:00 PM U.S. Pacific Time

This late-breaking session will include oral and poster presentations related to the 6 February M7.8 and M7.5 earthquake sequence affecting southern Turkey and Syria. Topics could include but are not limited to ground motion, social science, regional tectonics, seismological observations of the sequence, damage assessment and early warning evaluation. Collaborative research with local scientists is encouraged.

Conveners: Xyoli Pérez-Campos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma; Elizabeth Vanacore, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

Submit here:

As a service to those researching, responding and speaking to the public about these earthquakes, SSA has created a short collection of papers from our journals ( related to the East Anatolian Fault and the Dead Sea Transform Fault System, in case these may be of use to you in your work. These papers are freely available until 21 February.

Questions? Email abstracts<at>
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