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Started: 2013-07-09 18:34:23
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Arthur Snoke
2013-07-09 18:34:23
Version 101.6 of SAC is now available by request from the IRIS DMC

What's New:

SAC Version 101.6 introduces several new features including a new command
parser that simplifies coding, improved precision for blackboard variables,
colored fill for positive and negative portions of seismograms, and
corrections of many errors and warnings. Details can be seen from the
detailed history of modifications and brief overview of major changes files
posted on the SAC project on SeisCode at URL

Binary distributions are available for Mac OSX (v10.6 or later) and Linux (64 bit) operating systems. Other platforms or operating systems must be built from the source code. Successful builds for v101.6 have been made and tested on PC/Cygwin, Sun/Oracle Solaris and Older Linux and Mac releases.

Examples available at


The most up to date SAC Users Manual can be accessed online at

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