Thread: problem with sac data

Started: 2013-03-03 01:20:41
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Metin Kahraman
2013-03-03 01:20:41
Dear sac users,

I have teleseismic events in sac data format and I would like perform
deconvolution procedure within the radial and vertical components but
I having and strange error I would like to mention here in case
someone has come across before.

first of all every things looks fine with the data headers all fine. I
am seeing NWFID in the header which lead me think about the data
converted CSS to SAC. When try to rotate N-S, E-W components with
"rotate to" command its rotating succefully and create radial
component without any error. When I try to plot them it plots or list
headers without any problem.

However, when try to deconvolve radial component with vertical it says
"problem with reading radial component". I am sure the deconvolution
program works but somehow can not recognize the radial component.

Is there any one have this kind of error or problem before ?

best wishes,

12:51:15 v.f0c1234e