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Dear colleagues, I would like to announce that the submission of abstracts has started for the following JpGU-EGU-AGU joint session in the 2018 JpGU meeting. The session title is "Probing the Earth's interior with geophysical observation on seafloor" (the session ID is S-IT24). The submission deadline is 8:00 (UTC) on Feb 19. If you are interested in the session, please access the JpGU2018 home page as bellow.<> Submission t… [more]
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Dear All I'd like to draw your attention to the following AGU-EGU-JpGU joint session at the coming JpGU2018 meeting. ==================================== S-IT28 The lithosphere and the asthenosphere The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) separates Earth's rigid tectonic plates from the underlying convecting mantle. The LAB is fundamental to our understanding of plate tectonics and mantle dynamics, although its depth and defining mechanism are highly debated. How it varies among tec… [more]
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