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Active Message Threads for September 2020

Jon Petruska
2020-09-16 17:57:36
Hello, My name is Jon Petruska. I am trying to download ?HZ traces from the XI network in Ethiopia, however, they are not able to be downloaded using the matlab program irisFetch. I have confirmed that data is available by requesting the seed using the Breq_fast request (see image of request and attached .tar download), but when attempting the request traces = irisFetch.Traces('XI','HERO','*','?HZ','2002-12-30 04:49:10','2002-12-30 06:49:10','includePZ') or traces = irisFetch.Traces('XI','HE… [more]
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2020-09-15 13:12:46
Dear sir/madam Hi I'm sending this mail from University of Tehran Institute of Geophysics. we working on some old analog seismographs was recorded by Hiller instrument type Stuttgart around 60s. we trying to digitize them but unfortunately we don't have the instrument response of this seismograph. I was wondering if you have the instrument response or know any institute or university can help us? Best Regards Hoseein.
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Joshua Boschelli
2020-08-30 20:45:51 - 2020-09-07 14:55:50
Hello, My name is Josh Boschelli and I am a graduate student at Saint Louis University. I was wondering if it would be possible to ship you guys a hard drive so that I can get a copy of all of the broadband TA data for Alaska so that I don't clog up the data request for everyone else? Thank you, Josh Boschelli Josh Boschelli, M.S. Ph.D candidate Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Saint Louis University Phone: 505-699-1892
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