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Active Message Threads for August 2022

Brandon VanderBeek
2022-08-30 23:47:18
I have recently encountered an error using irisFetch.Stations. Two days ago (28-Aug-2022), I was able to run the following command without error, S = irisFetch.Stations('STATION','*','*','*','*','MinimumLatitude',38,'MaximumLatitude',52,'MinimumLongitude',-131,'MaximumLongitude',-115); However, for the past two days this command has been giving the error copied below. I'll note that requesting specifically the 'BHZ' channel instead of the wildcard '*' runs without error while requesting speci… [more]
Geoffrey Abers
2022-08-25 16:47:45
hi, I am having a weird problem with irisFetch.Traces. Short version: if the start-time of a request has 00 for the hour, but end time is 01, it is choking by mysteriously adding 12 to the start time and then complaining. This happens only in the ‘includePZ’ mode. Specifically, This sort of works: traces = irisFetch.Traces('IU','BILL','00','BH?','2022-07-27 01:38:45','2022-07-27 02:28:45','includePZ’) (not sure the response is OK, but trace looks reasonable.) but this does no… [more]
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Yangtianli Zhou
2022-08-19 16:21:47 - 2022-08-24 14:47:49
Dear Sir or Madam, Thanks for reading my email. I’m doing the research about outer core and want to download waveform data for large deep earthquake. I’m using Obspy mass_downloader: <> I met some troubles. There are lot of response information not accessible by mass_downloader nor obspy.fdsn.get_stations. but accessible on IRIS websi… [more]
Hossein Esfahani, Zahra
2022-08-22 22:25:56 - 2022-08-23 09:41:38
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question in data requesting in Brequest data in iris, as I need to download the three channel of the one station(CLRN) , for 2019 or 2020, after downloading data I do not know why I could not able to open them via obspy and this message will appear (killed)! I do not know why? but when I downloaded data from 2011 for the channels of BHZ,BHE and BHN it is really available to open with obspy. Is there any problem with my laptop ? or as they are a lot my laptop could not … [more]
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