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2019-01-08 19:22:43
Dear MUSTANG Users, We are happy to announce the release of the MUSTANG noise-spectrogram Web Service <> The noise-spectrogram service makes it easy to quickly visualize how the noise characteristics of seismic channels vary over time. The spectrograms returned by the service reveal temporal noise characteristic variations. More specifically, plots generated by the service are color coded … [more]
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2019-01-04 01:28:10
Dear MUSTANG Users, The IRIS DMC has retired the MUSTANG metric ‘dead_channel_exp’. As of January 1, 2019, we are no longer calculating new values for this metric. In the near future, it will be removed from MUSTANG and at that point it will no longer be returned by the MUSTANG measurements service. Regards, IRIS Quality Assurance
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