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Dear MUSTANG Users, The noise-pdf-browser web service may experience a short period of downtime on Wednesday, November 13 9:00AM PST while we deploy an upgrade. Best regards, Gillian Sharer IRIS DMC
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2019-11-01 12:21:02
Dear MUSTANG Users, We are happy to announce new color options for the spectrogram plots, available on the MUSTANG noise-spectrogram service and the ’spectrogram’ endpoint of the MUSTANG noise-pdf-browser service. We now offer 7 different color schemes: along with the familiar rainbow palette, we provide ColorBrewer palettes RdYlBu, RdBu, BrBG, YlGnBu, OrRd and Matplotlib palette viridis. These new palettes afford a variety of benefits, and increase the usability of the service in a number o… [more]
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