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Active Message Threads for February 2006

Arthur Snoke
2006-02-27 19:10:55 - 2006-02-27 22:23:32
Further information on his problem. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 15:32:27 +0200 From: Ekrem Zor <> To: Arthur Snoke <> Subject: RE: [SAC-HELP] installation problem 'dbl???' Hi, Thanks for your interests, 1. I am working with sac 100.1 beta version. 2. Fedora Core 4 linux on 64 bit intel machine 3. sac2000 in binary package is working well. But, I could not use sacio.a library into my fortran code. It gives error message like; … [more]
Ekrem Zor
2006-02-27 17:06:29
Hi everybody, I received the latest sac source code from IRIS and I am trying to compile on 64 bit linux box... But, I have some problem while creating sac executable. I receive some error messages as following.. I do not know what to do, perhabs I need some other library to link. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ekrem ../lib/libSMnonOracleFuncs.a(smWorkSets.o)(.text+0x180): In function `smClearDefaultTree': smWorkSets.c: undefined reference to `dblNewTree' ../lib/lib… [more]
Matthew R. Agius
2006-02-20 21:04:28
Hi again, I have went through Rex V. Allen, but i still haven succeed to get control of APK. If I have in memory a 24hour sac file will it pick all events? Can someone share with the parameters used at their station? Which sample rate is best for APK? Regards, Matthew George Helffrich wrote: > Dear Matthew - > > c3 and c4 are pure numbers, and serve as weights. Here is the part of > the algorithm that they act in: > > * - Compute first difference of filtered data. > fdfd = fdnew-fdold… [more]
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Georgia Cua
2006-02-03 19:45:10 - 2006-02-03 20:37:14
Hello, I've started using sac again after a while, and am a bit rusty.. Can you remind me how to access the command history using the up/down keys on the keyboard? (Is there something I have to set first?) Thank you, Georgia Cua
Kris Walker
2006-01-25 18:49:11 - 2006-02-01 16:45:57
Hi folks, I am trying to compile a program that worked fine on linux with the older sacio.a. g++ -Wno-deprecated -O3 -o saccut sac.o -L/janeway/usr/local/SAC/lib -lsacio ld: sac.o bad magic number (not a Mach-O file) I did a little research, but could not figure out quickly what the problem was. Anyone used the new version of sacio.a that is included with:>sac SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [03/01/2005 (Version 100.00)] Copyright 19… [more]
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