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Active Message Threads for February 2007
2007-02-27 22:55:08 - 2007-02-28 20:37:06
If I use the executable sac (not compiled by my own), then when I use ,like sac <<end input end sac just stop there and do nothing, is this also sth related to 32-bit/64-bit? because the sac we got is generally compiled in 32-bit machine? thanks for any help. xinlei
2007-02-27 22:43:21 - 2007-02-28 00:03:49
Hi, I am trying to install sac by compiling its source code in a 64-bit redhat linux machine. after changing the X11 library to its 64-bit library, the installation seems fine. but when I run sac, there is "Segmentation fault" :< anyone has any experience or knows what's really going on ? Thanks! xinlei
andreas wessel
2007-02-23 04:50:28 - 2007-02-23 16:34:10
Hi list, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to start SAC silently, e.g. not getting those lines: SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [06/06/2005 (Version 100.1)] Copyright 1995 Regents of the University of California Would be net if there was a flag or command or something for this. (I'm using Sac 100.1 on a linux machine) Thanks, Andreas
17:36:07 v.f0c1234e