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Active Message Threads for March 2007

kawsar laskar
2007-03-29 16:40:28 - 2007-03-29 18:28:41
Hi EVERYBODY, Afterdisplaying the receiver function with the command ppk when i try to print them with command print {printer name} an error message comes telling no sgf file is produced.I then tried to set sgf environment by begindevices sgf but the problem remains the same.plz advise me in this respect... as that i have got the receiverfunction now i want to find the velocity model,can u plz briefly describe the steps for finding the velocity model.. _________________________… [more]
Fabian Walter
2007-03-28 02:40:26
Hello everybody, I am trying to set some times in a SAC header. So far I did the following: ch NZYEAR 2000 NZJDAY 100 ch NZHOUR 13 NZMIN 10 NZMSEC 0 NZMSEC 0 Although some of these changes do not appear with the 'lh' command (only when specifically referencering a header variable (e. g. 'lh NZMIN') I assume that this works fine. However, I would like to put a time string into the header. This variable is called KZTIME, as far as I understand. Since this is an alphanumeric variable, I assume I… [more]
Dear Scientists, The problem that the rotation is not succesfull is that because the sac files you use do not have the right header. This always happens when you use miniseed data. The problem with seed data does not exist!!
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Arthur Snoke
2007-03-26 23:07:00
I pass this on from a colleague. He wants to know where in the code the size of the graphics cursor gets set. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:24:12 -0400 From: Alan Linde <> I need a little help with graphic cursors on the Mac and clearly you know all. When one brings up a sac graphic window, the crosshairs are full scale in both x & y directions - which is what I'm trying to get in another graphics package (SM - used to known as mongo; t… [more]
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kawsar laskar
2007-03-26 15:47:43
hello Sir, I m an M.Tech student of computational seismology. I am using SAC for receiver function analysis .I am finding difficulty in performing rotation of NS and EW component to radial and tangential components. whenever I try the command "rot to gcp"an error message telling both the components are not horizontal comes. what is the wrong with that.Is there anything wrong with the command or data .what should I do now please advise. _____________________________________________________… [more]
Robert Casey
2007-03-23 16:58:25
Hi Stefano- I'm not sure if you are on the sac-help community list, but this is a good mailing list to subscribe to for answers to SAC questions. I am forwarding this to the group and hopefully someone can get back to you on this. (question is below) (IRIS DMC sac-help mailing list: mailman/listinfo/sac-help) -Rob > >> From: "Stefano Antonioni" <> >> Date: March 23, 2007 9:00:04 AM PDT >> To: webmaster@iris.washi… [more]
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2007-03-14 21:48:14 - 2007-03-16 01:25:31
I am using some SAC applications that have been developed elsewhere and work on SunOS Unix. I am running sac2000 on SunOS 5.8. I have a problem when a macro issues a "system command" (sc) that needs an escape character before a character that would otherwise be interpreted by SAC. The command that is passed to Unix does have the escape character removed but it is not interpreted correctly by Unix. For example, the following command returns an syntax error for the awk portion of it: … [more]
Renate Hartog
2007-03-10 00:30:00
Thought I'd share my experience installing this version of the source code on my 64-bit Red Hat Linux system; from Changes file: 2005/05/26 Brian Savage <> * Fully integrated libedit into build process -> turned out to be a little tricky on 64-bit if you want to compile it with -m32 * Updated Readme, License, History, Readme.buildsac files * Removed extra CC=cc lines in makefile * Updated Makefile for better install process These are t… [more]
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