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Active Message Threads for September 2007

Kenneth Macpherson
2007-09-26 14:44:30 - 2007-09-27 22:11:14
Hello all, I am running Ubuntu 7.04 and am attempting to install SAC. I untarred the files into my /usr/local/ directory. I then added the following lines to my .bashrc file: export SACAUX='/usr/local/sac/aux' PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/sac/bin When I echo $PATH I see that /usr/local/sac/bin is there and when I echo $SACAUX I get: /usr/local/sac/aux However, upon typing sac, I receive the following error: bash: /usr/local/sac/bin/sac: No such file or directory I have also tried ./sac but wit… [more]
Kenneth Macpherson
2007-09-27 19:36:13
Hello all, I am running some FORTRAN codes that call WSAC1. I was wondering how I use the sacio.a library. Should I extract the library into the same directory as my FORTRAN code before I compile? Any help would be much appreciated. Ken --------------------------------- Luggage? GPS? Comic books? Check out fitting gifts for grads at Yahoo! Search.
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