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Active Message Threads for October 2009

Hi, there, I received *.mseed.tar package as well as the related dataless file from IRIS DMC's ftp and extracted many mseed files from the package. Then I used rdseed_v4.8 to convert mseed to SAC with the command: rdseed -d -f PATH-TO-MSEEDFILE -g PATH-TO-DATALESSFILE That worked but there is no event information in the SAC header and many 3-component SAC files don't start from the same time. So I used the summary file generated by JWEED to make them synchronous as I did for SEED:… [more]
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Dylan Mikesell
2009-10-21 17:19:27
Hi SAC users, I am having some issues with timing...please see my steps below and I have attached the miniseed file in case anyone wants to try this themselves. I am losing millisecond information when I use the command ms2sac to convert data. I wonder if anyone has seen this before and how to fix it? Thanks, Dylan Mikesell 1) I read miniseed time information dmikesell@stonefly:$ mseedhdr Net: FST: 2007:222:15:32:56.8800 LST: 2007:222:16:02:56.876000 n… [more]
langlaude philippe - CETE Méditerr./LABO NICE/RS
2009-10-20 23:01:47
Hello, I have just installed a version of SAC for Cygwin. It runs without any problems but when I use the plot function, I cannot close the graphic window which is created. I am obliged to kill SAC. On the other hand, I have some scripts which uses SAC and when I run this scripts I have this error : "readline: readline_callback_read_char() called with no handler!" Would anybody have a solution/explaination ? Thanks in advance. -- Philippe Langlaude Equipe de Recherche "Risque Sismique"… [more]
Geo .
2009-10-12 23:42:58 - 2009-10-13 15:37:31
Greetings All, I am trying to use the "synchorize" command in SAC 101.2 and have been getting the following error. Any advise is much appreciated. Thank you. Januka. SAC> r *.VEL.SAC AQU_BHZ.VEL.SAC BFO_BHZ.VEL.SAC BNI_BHZ.VEL.SAC DIVS_BHZ.VEL.SAC EIL_BHZ.VEL.SAC GRA1_BHZ.VEL.SAC GRFO_BHZ.VEL.SAC IDI_BHZ.VEL.SAC KHC_BHZ.VEL.SAC TIP_BHZ.VEL.SAC TRI_BHZ.VEL.SAC TUE_BHZ.VEL.SAC VTS_BHZ.VEL.SAC SAC> synch ERROR 0: Resulting error from shift exceeded tolerance (1e-6): 0.00040234 Please repor… [more]
2009-10-13 03:53:36
From: "赵明" <> Subject: 来信已收到! = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = > >         致 > 礼! > > >         赵明 > ************************************************ Mr. Ming Zhao Institute of Geology and Geophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100029 China Tel: 0086-010-88258647(Office) ************************************************
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2009-10-02 19:16:21
Hi every one Is it possible to read related period of Depmax or Depmin in Sac? Markptp can read period of peak to peak not peak or trough points. How can I read their periods? I would be pleased if you help me. Sincerely, Reza,
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