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Active Message Threads for December 2009

Yannik Behr
2009-12-19 01:43:39 - 2009-12-28 18:55:39
Hi, When trying to compile SAC on Debian squeeze I get the same problem as previously mentioned by Derek Schutt Arthur Snoke anounced the release of a patch that fixes this issue: However, I couldn't find the patch and also couldn't figure out how I could fix it myself without digging to deep into the source code. Has anyone solved thi… [more]
Christophe MARON
2009-12-10 19:51:05 - 2009-12-11 04:30:03
Good morning every body, I have a problem with sac to display a 2 columns table in a loglin scale using plotalpha. I used a some old version of the sac package. I downloaded the branhd new one, well installed on Solaris, but the apparent bug still remains. Here is the sac sequence I use : SAC> loglin SAC> grid on SAC> color blue SAC> title "Titre" location TOP size medium SAC> xlabel "Frequencies - Hz" SAC> ylabel "Phase" SAC> fileid off SAC> plotalpha free content XN PHASE.FR.SMPL.00.HHZ … [more]
Onur Tan
2009-12-10 00:19:18
Dear Brian and all I copied the sac101.3 binaries on FC4. when I run sac, an error occures > sac Floating exception > but on Ubuntu 8.10, it works fine. Is the reason FC4 (old version)? thanks o. Dr. Onur TAN |--------------------------------------- 40.7866N 29.4500E -- ------------- | | TÜBİTAK Marmara Araştırma Merkezi | TUBITAK Marmara Research Center | | Yer ve Deniz Bilimleri Enstitüsü | Earth and Marine Scienc… [more]
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2009-12-05 06:01:39
Hi! Thanks for a quick answer! Unfortunately, a problem not in it. Definitely, paths are registered correctly. I have in ${MATLAB}/bin/glnx86. So, I have another problem. Here is whole config.log. Excuse my overquoting, please! I don’t know what actually important in this file: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This file contains any messages produced by compilers while running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake. It w… [more]
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2009-12-04 03:08:23
Hi, I tried to compile SAC with Matlab in Linux, but something was going wrong. Would you be so kind to explain me, what I do incorrectly? What is the reason of a line "checking for library containing engOpen... no" and "checking for Matlab libraries... Not Found"? Here is my file --------------------------------------------------------- checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu checking target system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu c… [more]
Shantanu Pandey
2009-12-02 22:58:21
Hello, I am facing a strange problem while running a SAC Macro. The output is correct and the macro is performing but showing the strange error. * ** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **The Macro is:* r $dat evaluate to tstart &1,dist / 8. evaluate to tdeb &1,dist / 3.0 evaluate to tfin %tdeb + 201 if &1,delta gt 1 evaluate to tadd &1,delta * 201 evaluate to tfin %tdeb + %tadd + 10 endif evaluate to tbid &1,dist / 2.5 if %… [more]
Xingchen Wang
2009-12-01 17:49:09
    SAC Error: EOF/Quit      SAC executed from a script: quit command missing *** glibc detected *** sac: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x09c72ca8 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib/[0xbd32a1] sac[0x81e5726] sac[0x81d7a4b] sac[0x8054178] sac[0x808d3af] sac[0x805934a] sac[0x805197c] sac[0x804b893] /lib/[0xb79a66] sac[0x804b121] ======= Memory map: ======== 001e2000-0030d000 r-xp 00000000 fd:01 19944  &… [more]
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