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Active Message Threads for June 2009

Ning Liu
2009-06-30 19:25:50
Hi all, Thank you for your letter. In your letter, you have written how to rotate the N E comp to R T. But my problem is how to rotate the R T comp to N E. I did see the help of sac command "rotate", but there is no instruction abut it? So I wrote a letter again. Best wishes, Ning Liu and Weitao Wang ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Arthur Snoke<> Date: 2009/6/29 Subject: Re: [SAC-HELP] how to rotate R T comp into N E ? To: weitao wang <wangwtustc@gmail.c… [more]
2009-06-30 04:37:40
Hi,All I have a question while rotating horizontal component with sac. We can use "rotate to GCP" to rotate N E into R T comp,but how to rotate back into N E components? Is there an easy way to do this? thanks for your help. Best wishes weitao
rongwen guo
2009-06-26 19:14:29
Hi, All, Thanks for your help. Now it works.There is another sac in the system which caused the problem(As Arthur recommended). I really appreciate it for the help of Arthur and Charlotte. Best wishes! Your truly Wen _________________________________________________________________ 上Windows Live 中国首页,下载最新版Messenger!
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rongwen guo
2009-06-26 13:51:28
Hi, All I have installed the sac in the ubuntu. But it seems does not work. I just input the 'sac' in the command line and it is said 'bash:sac: command not found''. But I use echo $SACAUX command, it showed /usr/local/sac/aux. what is the problem? I am a newie, and here nobody know about it. Thanks very much! Best wishes! Your truly Wen 更多热辣资讯尽在新版MSN首页! 立刻访问! _________________________________________________________________ 打工,挣钱,买房子,快来MClub一起”金屋藏娇”!… [more]
Onur Tan
2009-06-17 04:12:44
Hi, I need a simple program that convert ascii file to binary SAC file format. Can you help me? best regards Onur Dr. Onur TAN ---------------------------------------------- 40.7866N 29.4500E --------- TÜBİTAK Marmara Araştırma Merkezi, Yer ve Deniz Bilimleri Enstitüsü TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Earth and Marine Sciences Institute Gebze - Kocaeli - TURKEY
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Anna Courtier
2009-06-16 18:31:10
Hello, I have some SAC files and need az, baz, dist, and gcarc in the headers. The event and station locations are already in the headers and LCALDA = TRUE. With LCALDA=TRUE, I think the az, baz, etc should be automatically calculated and put into the headers, but this is only the case for about half of the data files. Switching LCALDA to false does not change anything, and resetting the LCALDA to true does not fix the problem either. Does anyone have a solution for this? There… [more]
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Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2009-06-15 01:16:08 - 2009-06-15 18:30:11
Margaret Doll
2009-06-11 22:51:00 - 2009-06-11 23:21:01
We have just installed sac 101.2 on a linux 64 bit computer running RedHat. The SAC distribution was not a source distribution. We are getting a "Floating point error" when we run the program. I assume that our 64 bit libraries are causing the problem in that SAC is a 32 bit program. How can we fix the problem?
Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2009-06-10 23:56:45
How can I divide a spectral data file by another spectral data file? this doesn't work: read sac1.sac sac2.sac fft writesp over readsp sac1.sac binoperr npts ignore delta ignore divf sac2.sac I get the following error: ERROR 1307: Illegal operation on spectral file sac1.sac
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Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2009-06-09 23:14:06
I am trying to compute spectral ratios of between a hefty number of files and I try it like this: read /path_to_files/filenames*.sac fft writesp over read /path_to_other_files/otherfiles*.sac fft writesp over To this point every thing works well and I can even view with plotsp and see what I am doing. I now want to divide filenames by other_files hence get the spectral ratio between them. the * stands for sequential numbers and the number of file is the same in the nominator and … [more]
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Kelly M Liszewski
2009-06-09 22:03:00
I am using SAC version 101.2 on intel Mac OS X version 10.5.6, and I am running ppk to pick p waves for several stations at a time. I type ppk p 4 to view four stations at a time, but I can only zoom properly in the first subwindow (at the top of the first four traces plotted). As I scroll through all of the stations to pick them, when I try to zoom, the zoom function zooms in on the wrong portion of the trace. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone have any advice? Than… [more]
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Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2009-06-01 17:16:27 - 2009-06-01 23:50:19
Hi, I am trying to run an initialization macro as sac starts up. I have created an init.m macro file in the /sac/macro directory and I am able to run it from within sac by executing the following two commands: SETMACRO sac/macro MACRO init.m I tried aliasing sac like this: alias sac='sac sac/macro/init.m' but it doesn't work and I don't think that it should but this is what it says to do in the README file for SAC so I tried. How do I make something run as I call up sac? Thanks Sh… [more]
Vijay Kumar
2009-06-01 22:00:33
Hi All I am new user to MAC, i have installed sac as in Linux. i have set the SACAUX variable and the path. I am unable to see the graphics window with plot command. Thank you Vijay Kumar -- T. Vijay Kumar Lecturer School of Earth Sciences SRTMU Nanded Maharashtra
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