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Active Message Threads for January 2010

Sheila Peacock
2010-01-29 22:40:53
Does the latest SAC "readgse" command pick up the station latitudes/longitudes/elevations from the STA2 header line of GSE2.0 files? If not, are there plans to incorporate this into "readgse" in upcoming versions? Regards, Sheila Peacock.
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2010-01-27 06:58:28 - 2010-01-27 08:53:57
This is an update to my original message about "do file wild *SAC" problem. Katie Boyle helped me to figure out what was happening. So, the problem is with the sac memory limit. The script works fine with a few files but when I increase the number of them to 150, sac fails with the segfault. Apparently, "do file wild *SAC" wants to fit all *SAC data into the buffer and cannot. The data files are 1 sps, 2 hour long LHZs. Each file is 29K (29436) long. My sac version is the latest and greates… [more]
2010-01-27 05:10:48
Oops.. Thanks for pointing that out, that was copy and paste error caused on my side. This is the correct version: do file wild *SAC setbb vert $file r %vert setbb station &1,KSTNM setbb otime &1,O evaluate to cotime %otime * (-1.0) ch ALLT %cotime IZTYPE IO setbb network &1,KNETWK setbb polezero %polezerod%%station%.%network%.PZ w %vert enddo Also, the SAC version I use is 101.3b Sorry about that, Igor On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 9:06 PM, Katie Boyle <> wrote: > i'm not sure if … [more]
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2010-01-27 04:42:26
Dear SAC users, Could you please help me to find out what's wrong with my file reading sequence? The code snippet from sac_LHZ.test: ... do file wild *SAC setbb vert $file r %vertdo file wild *SAC setbb station &1,KSTNM setbb otime &1,O evaluate to cotime %otime * (-1.0) ch ALLT %cotime IZTYPE IO setbb network &1,KNETWK setbb polezero %polezerod%%station%.%network%.PZ w %vert enddo ... The content of the current dir: PTRP.TO.SAC LVOF.TO.SAC MMMR.TO.SAC The errors: >do file wild *SAC >./tr… [more]
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Nicolas Houlie
2010-01-26 01:38:27 - 2010-01-26 03:12:19
>Hello, > >I am looking for some help to pick up times on SAC waveforms. I saw you >can use PPK but I do not find any help on your webpage (nothing in >graphics capabilities). > >is this possible to save the times/amplitudes in a file ? > >Thanks, > >nicolas Nicolas Houlie School of Earth and Environment 15-19 Hyde Terrace, Email:
  • Re: ppk? - Milton Plasencia - 2010-01-26 03:12:19
2010-01-20 19:22:39
I would like to know how to draw a zero y-axis (in addition to the top and bottom axes) when using ppk. Thank you. Atte Hector Gz. Huizar
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Mac Green
2010-01-13 19:18:39
Hi all, I am using data collected with labview and saved as text files. I have to sets of data, the amplitude data set and a set of time intervals which are not even. I use readtable to import the data into sac and then write it as a sac file. If my data was evenly sampled, I would use delta in the header to give the time interval. Does anyone know how I can get the FFT of data whose delta is not constant, it I have a second file with time intervals? Thanks.
Hi all! I'm having problems right after the installation. I received a tarball "sac-101.3b.tar.gz" and followed the instructions in the email as well as those listed in $SACHOME/README Problem: SAC isn't executing despite following the installation instructions carefully. System information: System: "uname -ris": Linux 2.6.18-164.9.1.el5 x86_64 I'm running RedHat Linux 5.4 (CentOS 5.4) SAC Location: "echo $SACHOME": /usr/local/bin Settings & ~/.bashrc: export SACHOME=/usr/local/sac expor… [more]
Denise Fernandez
2010-01-12 20:05:43
Dear all, I'm trying to pick the amplitudes of the s and p arrivals. What I've been done so far is picking them using the command ppk and then positioning the cursor and pressing m. That draws a little box around the portion of the graph that contains the arrival. I thought SAC will store the info in the header but I can't find any variable with information of this specific portion of the graph. I'm new using SAC so I guess I am missing something important here. Do I have to set a blackboard va… [more]
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Maria Silveira
2010-01-05 01:27:13
Dear all, I need to plot several times the same recordsection (with ~250 files, and using SSS) in the following way: Need to make a cycle were 1) The first trace is red (for example) and all the other ones stay black Then I make the decision f I want to delete it or not 2) The second trace is red and all the other ones stay black Similarly I make the decision 3) The third trace is red and all the other ones stay black -........ ETC ETC I know everything else (decisions,… [more]
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