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Active Message Threads for April 2010

Onur Tan
2010-04-26 22:05:20
Hello, How can I convert SAC file to SEG2 format ? best regards Onur for Brian: The manual of the “write” command on the web and its help file in SAC are different. There is no information about SEGY format in the web page. However their revision date are the same. Dr. Onur TAN ---------------------------------------------- 40.7866N 29.4500E --------- TÜBİTAK Marmara Araştırma Merkezi, Yer ve Deniz Bilimleri Enstitüsü TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Earth and Marine Sciences Inst… [more]
Mac Green
2010-04-19 04:04:12 - 2010-04-19 17:12:14
How exactly do I implement the CUT command in SAC for a case like this: I have a file called data.sac The number of points=N I want only the first M points of the file. It is the option given in the help files that Uses B and N, but I can not implement it. Thanks in advance.
Milton Plasencia
2010-04-16 04:32:23
Hi, I follow the commands of Artur Snoke and i obtain: SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [08/25/2009 (Version 101.3b)] Copyright 1995 Regents of the University of California SAC> fg seis SAC> unwrap remove this function: src/co/zmemad() The same results occur in Linux box and MacOSX, 64 bits sac binary version 101.3b. Any suggestions? Milton ********************************** Milton P. PLASENCIA LINARES Dipartimento Centro di Ricerche Sismologiche Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisi… [more]
Hi, all, does anyone know the zero-polar points for Guralp CMG-3ESPC? Thx. Lee 2010-04-15
Arthur Snoke
2010-04-16 00:23:30
If you have kept the SAC tree (or a binary tarball) for an older version of SAC that you may want to run, the following script may be useful: cat /usr/local/jas/bin/newsac #!/bin/tcsh setenv SACHOME "$1" setenv SACAUX "${SACHOME}/aux" setenv PATH "${SACHOME}/bin:${PATH}" ${SACHOME}/bin/sac /usr/local/jas/macros/init.m To test if the unwrap command worked in 101.2, I did the following: newsac /usr/local/jas/sac_archive/sac-080904 SEISMIC ANALYSIS CODE [09/04/2008 (Version 101.2)] Copyrig… [more]
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2010-04-15 02:58:01
Hi All.. can someone help me with this problem? I can not execute the sac program.. I'm using centos 5 desktop 32 bit.. here's what I get : [ctuser@localhost ~]$ echo $SACHOME /home/ctuser/sac [ctuser@localhost ~]$ echo $SACAUX /home/ctuser/sac/aux [ctuser@localhost ~]$ echo $PATH /usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/home/ctuser/bin:/home/ctuser/sac/bin [ctuser@localhost bin]$ ./sac /csspickpref . readcss will not read picks. ERROR: Number 901 in INITCOMLISTS. /… [more]
Katie Boyle
2010-04-13 21:08:35
Has anyone been able to successfully compile the SAC source code on a 64-bit system? I've got both versions of libncurses, and my X11 libraries are present. It seems like the problem is with linking. I'm stuck! When I use gcc -m32, I get: dfr.c:(.text+0x81c): undefined reference to `cmplxdiv' dfr.c:(.text+0x888): undefined reference to `cmplxcj' dfr.c:(.text+0x8a5): undefined reference to `cmplxmul' dfr.c:(.text+0x8af): undefined reference to `cmplxtof' dfr.c:(.text+0x905): undefined referenc… [more]
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Genti Toyokuni
2010-04-13 03:00:18 - 2010-04-13 03:09:51
Hello, I want to ask you definition of Fourier transform used in the fft command. Does the command perform the FFT with \exp(-i\omega t), or \exp(+i\omega t)? I tried to find it out from the SAC manual, but I could not. Regards, Genti Toyokuni
2010-04-08 15:46:41
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Arthur Snoke
2010-04-02 17:59:23
If you have no interested in the sac > sss> traveltime command or in being able to add phase-arrival times to SAC files, you can stop reading now. Although TRAVELTIME is part of the SSS SAC Subprocess, it should be able to work on a single data file. I have not succeeded in getting SYNTAX 1 and SYNTAX 3 to work. (I am referring to terms used in the SAC> help traveltime command.) Unless one of you can point out errors in my tests below and/or easy fixes, nothing will be done in the soon… [more]
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Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2010-04-01 18:43:29
Hi, I am using MacSac 10.6f-grh104 and trying to compute a power spectra from 10 seconds synthetic seismograms. Is there a simple way of doing that in sac or do I have to take the fft and multiply it by it's conjugate? I can't get the PDS (in the SPE sub-process) command to work properly. I might be using bad widow length. Is there a rule of thumb as to what the length should be? Thanks
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2010-03-29 16:53:05 - 2010-04-01 17:28:02
Hi, I need to use matlab within sac but I've some problems. lauretta@lauretta-laptop:/media/ACERDATA/software/sac101.2-linux86$ ./bin/sacinit.shlauretta@lauretta-laptop:/media/ACERDATA/software/sac101.2-linux86$ export SACHOME=/media/ACERDATA/software/sac101.2-linux86lauretta@lauretta-laptop:/media/ACERDATA/software/sac101.2-linux86$ export PATH=${PATH}:${SACHOME}/binlauretta@lauretta-laptop:/media/ACERDATA/software/sac101.2-linux86$ export SACAUX=${SACHOME}/auxlauretta@lauretta-laptop:/m… [more]
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