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Active Message Threads for November 2011

Fiona Darbyshire
2011-11-23 23:26:11 - 2011-11-24 16:56:47
Hello, Today I obtained and installed SAC 101.5 for a Linux 64-bit system. (I've successfully installed previous versions on this machine). When I tried to run the program, I received the following error message: sac: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.7' not found (required by sac) sac: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.11' not found (required by sac) Not being any expert on OS libraries, I asked the system administrator for advice. He told me that my machine has operating system CentOS 5.… [more]
2011-11-21 23:52:39
Hi, Recently, I transferred velociy record SEED file to SAC file by rdseed, First, I use the command: "rdseed -f 200805120628045.SC.SEED -R -d -o -p 1" so the Poles and Zeros file are outputed, such as: SAC_PZs_SC_ZJG_BHZ_00_2007. *Can I specify the file name without the last part of number?* such as “SAC_PZs_SC_ZJG_BHZ_” . Second, I need to remove the instrument response of the data. *Can I use the transfer command as:* "r 2008*ZJG*BHZ*SAC" "Tra… [more]
Arthur Snoke
2011-11-21 14:38:44
Following up on Sheila's response ... Header variable CONSTANT is not used in the transfer polezero instrument correction, and as of RDSEED v5.1 is not put in the header. There was a bug in SAC prior to the just released v101.5 regarding CONSTANT, so best to get the new version. However, there is a bug in RDSEED v5.1 that may cause problems working with transfer polezero on some operating systems. See <> for further discussion. Fi… [more]
2011-11-18 02:20:25
I am using SAC version 101.4 on Ubuntu latest version. I was running the SPECTROGRAM command when I came to the error: Window size: 200 Overlap: 100 FFT size: 512 Instability detected in spectral estimator, increasing ridge regression factor to 1.00000e-04. Instability detected in spectral estimator, increasing ridge regression factor to 1.00000e-03. Instability detected in spectral … [more]
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Xuzhang Shen
2011-11-10 20:15:00
Hello everyone, I met a question to select waveform with sac. I hope I can check the waveform and save some good data in a folder or put bad data in another folder. The following is the part of my shell script. for fil in *.SAC do sac <<ENDD qdp off ygrid on r AA.SAC p1 setbb resp (REPLY "Enter t to trash the file ") if %resp eq "t" then sc mv AA.SAC Trash endif q ENDD done After excuting the shell script, there was no any pause and just put the *.SAC into the Trash folder. What' s problem in … [more]
Rakotoarisaona Hasiniaina
2011-11-05 21:47:50
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2011-11-04 21:46:19 - 2011-11-05 03:30:51
I have a series of synthetic waveforms that I need to compare to the original waveform and chose the best fitting synthetic. Is there are way to plot each synthetic overlayed by the original waveform in a series of plots (one on top of the other) on a single page? -Heather
*Hi All..can someone help me with this problem?I can not execute the sac program.**I'm using Fedora12 64 bit. My installation as following:** [/home/pan/sac-101.4]: configure --prefix=/home/pan/sac ..... ..... Compliation Options for sac (Seismic Analysis Code 101.4) CFLAGS = LDFLAGS = LIBS = -ldl -lm -lncurses Debug = Optimization = Database = off Matlab = off X11-buffer = on X11-depth = on X_LIBS = X_CFLAGS = Readli… [more]
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