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Active Message Threads for April 2011

Kayla Kroll
2011-04-24 19:10:37 - 2011-04-24 22:29:34
Hello, I would like to get the 't0' header information from a large number of events. The fortran code (f77) below works perfectly when I replace the 't0' in the getfhv call by 'a', however when written as shown, I get the following error: * ERROR: Undefined header field value. t0* call rsac1(fn2,array,nlen,beg,del,max,nerr) if ( then print*, nerr go to 8888 endif call getfhv('t0',t0,nerr) if( then go to 9999 e… [more]
Kathryn Warren
2011-04-21 16:45:25
Arthur, It would be great if you could take a look at my data. It in on my ftp site Data file: march9 Commands run on the data are... rtrend hp co 10 cut 74020 74270 hp co 10 .......These all run fine spectrogram window 2 slice 1 method mem order 100 noscaling ymin 0 ymax 100 color .......This command fails Thanks, Katie
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2011-04-20 21:21:41
Hi all, I made a macro in which I want to change a header value for origin time: READ $FILES READ $ORIGIN_TIME CH O GMT 2006 136 $ORIGIN_TIME WRITE $FILES However, if there is a 0 (zero) in a sec input, I get next error SAC> macro tscf FILES? 13_16052006.1.sac ORIGIN_TIME? 15 41 01 79 ERROR interpreting command: READ 15 41 01 79 ILLEGAL OPTION: ^ ERROR 1016: Terminating execution of macro If I leave a zero out, error still occurs. If values for… [more]
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Kathryn Warren
2011-04-19 20:44:59
I am trying to create spectrograms using seismic data associated with snow avalanches. For my most recent data the Spectrogram command keeps giving me errors Instability detected in spectral estimator, increasing ridge regression factor to 1.00000e-04. Instability detected in spectral estimator, increasing ridge regression fact… [more]
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Elkins, Bailey E
2011-04-01 20:19:11 - 2011-04-09 12:21:03
I'm trying to utilize SAC's Matlab interface on an Intel Mac (64 bit) machine. I am running SAC v 101.4 and MATLAB_R2010bSP1. After I read in files I receive the following error while trying to execute the mat command: SAC> r /Users/BMcCommon/Thesis/Data/SAC/CCW/2009. SAC> mat Error: dlsym(0x100710ec0, engPutArray): symbol not found ERROR 8003: Cannot link to a MATLAB function: engPutArray ERROR 8003: Cannot link to a MATLAB function: Has anyone else en… [more]
Alessandro Pino
2010-12-24 00:32:41 - 2011-04-07 00:38:20
I use binary sac 101.2 OSX on my MacBook Pro (10.5.8, Intel core 2 duo) and have no problem with "transfer from evalresp", while the same code gives this error WARNING: evresp_; no files match './[RESPfile]' WARNING: no response found for NET=[net],STA=[station],LOCID=*,CHAN=BHE,DATE=2009,096,1:30:1 No transfer function applied! ERROR 2118: No transfer function applied when I use it on iMac (10.6.5, Intel core i7). I simply transferred the program and data folder and sac seems t… [more]
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