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Active Message Threads for August 2015

Thulasiraman Natarajan
2015-08-17 17:55:08 - 2015-08-28 23:18:19
Dear members, I am trying to use IRIS DMC data from "Bhuj aftershock study" network. ( My attempts with removing instrument response produced unrealistic amplitudes for all the three components. I followed these steps: Downloaded mseed and dataless files Extracted the SAC formated data and response files using rdseed In SAC, read the data and removed the instrument response using following steps, * rmean * rtrend * taper * transfer from evalre… [more]
Dhanya Thomas
2015-08-03 19:59:49 - 2015-08-28 13:52:18
Dear sir/madam, I have already requested Sac software and I got SAC101.6a software. But the Sac I got is compatible with a 64 bit operating system but mine is 32-bit. so,can you please send me the SAC software which is compatible with my 32-bit operating system.. -- Regards, Dhanya Thomas
bimo mukti
2015-08-27 07:28:38 - 2015-08-28 11:53:13
Hi everyone, pardon me for bothering your time. I have some problem when I try to write over a file. When I type "write YZ.ME01....SAC" then the response I get is ERROR 101: Cannot Opening File. What is the meaning from that expression? And what must i do to fix that? Thank You for your help, i really appreciates Regrads
2015-08-12 17:26:55 - 2015-08-28 11:22:30
Hello, I have a individual Sac files of a station with different channel of same time. I want to merge these three component file into single Sac file.. I used merge command but it showing error of channel please help me out.
Massita Putriastuti
2015-08-18 14:07:58 - 2015-08-21 19:23:29
Hai all, sorry to bother but I need your help about how to picking traveltime in PRS result? I already plot my green's function from cross correlation (I'm doing ambient noise analysis) as a multi green's function (using prs) and hoping can get a velocity reference from plotting between distance vs traveltime. I just don't know how to picking it, is there any step for it?? Thank you.
2015-08-03 16:11:02
Hello to all! I’m having some trouble regarding the Amplitude. I need to print the amplitude in HYPO pick file; I have to get the first arrival amplitude just for earthquaque location with one station. Hoping to hear from you soon, have a great day Cheers
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Rumi Takedatsu
2015-07-25 00:41:05 - 2015-08-01 00:32:57
I need to compile saciterd.f, but I see some kinds of linking error, like below. Could you please give me the how to fix the problem? $ pwd /Users/rumi/Documents/sac/lib $ ls README_lib libsac.a libsacio.a sacio.a saciterd.f $ gfortran -o saciterd saciterd.f `sac-config --libs sacio sac` Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_arsac_", referenced from: _tdomain_ in cchQQKWF.o "_brsac_", referenced from: _tdomain_ in cchQQKWF.o "_bwsac_", … [more]
12:27:14 v.ad6b513c