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Active Message Threads for May 2016

LinkedIn Legal
2016-05-26 04:44:26
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GZ Shera bag factory Candy
2016-05-23 16:22:59
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Narendra Pandey
2016-05-12 13:30:50 - 2016-05-12 23:00:53
Hello, I am trying to remove instrument correction from seismogram (downloaded through Wilber) using TRANSFER command. But, I am not able to figure out the units. In SAC file the units are given in displacement by default, but the response file units are generally reported in velocity units. How the transfer command handle these units in FROM & TO options? Thank you. Narendra
Abhash Kumar
2016-05-09 21:30:55 - 2016-05-10 14:19:41
Hi, I want to down-sample my data from 100 samples/second to 40 samples/second. As per the SAC manual, decimate function has only integral factor (from 2 to 7) to down-sample the data. Is there any possible way to use decimate function or any other function to down-sample from 100 to 40 samples/second. I would be grateful for any suggestion in this regard. Thanks Abhash Kumar
Abhash Kumar
2016-05-03 08:27:27 - 2016-05-03 23:47:19
Hi, I have several SAC files and I want to output the value of a particular header variable of each SAC file to a text file. Is it possible (or any SAC command) to print out the value of a header variable in the SAC terminal and save it to a text file. I would be grateful for any suggestion in this regard. Best regards Abhash Kumar
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