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Active Message Threads for January 2019
2019-01-30 22:43:57 - 2019-01-31 17:32:53
Hi all, Hope you are having a great day so far. I'm working on a script to merge a few thousand sac files in to a single daylong file. However, it doesn't seem possible to read more than a 1000 files at once. Is it possible to bypass this limitation or is there a work around? Thank you for your help in advance! Best, Kivanc SABUNIS Colorado State University Master of Geosciences Candidate
Sonia Bzrgn
2019-01-15 07:29:00 - 2019-01-16 17:46:04
Hi everybody! To correct the header of my waveforms (for example entering hypocenter information to sac header), I use this script: #!/bin/csh set outdir=/home/sonia/Slip/sacheader set origin=(2012 01 11 17 08 00.79) set lat_lon_dp=(36.3533 52.7873 15.6) # --> year mm dd hh mm ss.s # --> 2003 04 29 13 53 16.8 set evla=$lat_lon_dp[1] set evlo=$lat_lon_dp[2] set evdp=$lat_lon_dp[3] set jul_day=`julday $origin[2] $origin[3] $origin[1] | grep Julian | awk '{print… [more]
Mitchell Liddell
2019-01-09 06:54:01 - 2019-01-14 19:34:12
Mitchell Liddell <> 10:33 PM (1 minute ago) to sac-help Hello, I am attempting to merge several sac files into single day segments. My commands are working if there is a gap in the data (fills in with 0s) but if there is an overlap I get, for example, this error: SAC> r GS.OK030.00.HHZ.D.2015.327.000000.SAC SAC> merge GS.OK030.00.HHZ.D.2015.327.062124.SAC ERROR 1802: Time overlap: GS.OK030.00.HHZ.D.2015.327.000000.SAC GS.OK030.00.HHZ.D.2015.327.062124.SAC END1: 2015 327… [more]
Dear all, I downloaded 10 days continuous waveform data in seed format from BREQ_FAST Request. And try to convert it into SAC format. I applied rdseed -df (seed file name) command and got the following error. However, for one-day data, I had no error. In this regards, Could you please give me some suggestions? Thank you in advance! My error is: Writing XQ.NA010..HH2, 19999039 samples (binary), starting 2015,229 03:46:38.6700 UT WARNING (process_data): too much data (burp!). … [more]
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Mel Zhang
2019-01-11 20:54:22 - 2019-01-12 21:14:17
Hi there, I'm downloading SAC onto my laptop, which runs on Mac OS 10.12.6. In the README document I see that it says SAC will run on earlier versions of Mac OS X, e.g. 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9. It also says that "Other platforms or operating systems must be built from the source code." Does this mean that with my newer operating system, I will need to build from the source code? And what does that entail? Thank you, Mel Zhang -- Mel Zhang M.S. Program, CU Boulder Department of Geological Scie… [more]
2019-01-10 23:32:35 - 2019-01-12 00:12:51
Hello, I am curious if it's possible to color the grid differently from the skeleton. Basically, to have a plot where the waveforms are red, the letters/numbers/frame are black, and the grid lines are gray (or blue)? Thanks, Igor
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